Snacks that Start with A to Z – Snacks List

Satisfy your snack cravings with our enticing Snacks That Start With A To Z. From savory to sweet, this compilation of snacks covers the entire alphabet, offering a tantalizing array of options to please every palate.

For those who relish the savory side of snacking, discover classics like “chips” and “pretzels,” or venture into global flavors with “samosas” and “tortilla chips.” If you have a sweet tooth, indulge in “cookies” and “doughnuts,” or opt for a healthier choice like “yogurt” and “zucchini bread.”

Whether you’re planning a movie night, a picnic, or just looking for a quick bite, this Snacks List is your go-to guide for a delightful snacking experience. So, explore the A to Z of snacks, and treat yourself to a world of delicious possibilities.

A – Z Snacks List


1. Almonds

2. Apple slices with peanut butter

3. Animal crackers

4. Avocado toast

5. Ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins)


1. Banana chips

2. Blueberries

3. Bagel bites

4. Butter popcorn

5. Breadsticks with hummus


1. Carrot sticks with ranch

2. Cheese crackers

3. Chocolate-covered pretzels

4. Caramel popcorn

5. Corn chips with salsa


1. Dried apricots

2. Dark chocolate

3. Doritos

4. Dates

5. Donuts


1. Edamame

2. Everything bagel chips

3. Energy bars

4. English muffin pizzas

5. Egg salad on crackers


1. Fruit leather

2. French fries

3. Funnel cake

4. Fig bars

5. Fried chicken bites


1. Granola bars

2. Goldfish crackers

3. Gummy bears

4. Greek yogurt with honey and berries

5. Garlic bread


1. Hummus with pita chips

2. Honey roasted peanuts

3. Hot Cheetos

4. Hard-boiled eggs

5. Ham and cheese roll-ups


1. Ice cream

2. Italian ice

3. Iced oatmeal cookies

4. Irish soda bread

5. Israeli salad


1. Jelly beans

2. Jerky

3. Jicama sticks

4. Japanese rice crackers

5. Jam on toast


1. Kettle corn

2. Kale chips

3. KitKat bars

4. Kiwi slices

5. Koulouri (Greek sesame bread rings)


1. Lollipops

2. Lemon bars

3. Lunchables

4. Lays potato chips

5. Lox on a bagel


1. Mini muffins

2. Mini pizzas

3. Marshmallows

4. Mango slices

5. Mixed nuts


1. Nachos with cheese

2. Nutter Butter cookies

3. Nilla wafers

4. Nutella on toast

5. Nori seaweed snacks


1. Oreos

2. Orange slices

3. Onion rings

4. Oatmeal cookies

5. Olive tapenade on crackers


1. Popcorn chicken

2. Pita chips with tzatziki

3. Peanut M&Ms

4. Pringles chips

5. Prosciutto and melon skewers


1. Quinoa crisps

2. Quince paste on crackers

3. Quaker oats granola

4. Quesadillas

5. Quiche bites


1. Ritz crackers

2. Raisins

3. Red velvet cupcakes

4. Rice cakes with almond butter

5. Reuben sliders


1. Saltine crackers

2. Snickers bars

3. Soft pretzels

4. Strawberry shortcake

5. S’mores


1. Trail mix

2. Tortilla chips with guacamole

3. Twizzlers

4. Tuna salad on crackers

5. Toasted bagel with cream cheese


1. Ube ice cream

2. Utz potato chips

3. Udon noodles with dipping sauce

4. Upside-down cake bites

5. Unsalted almonds


1. Vanilla pudding

2. Vegetable chips

3. Veggie straws

4. Velveeta cheese with crackers

5. Vegan brownies


1. Waffle fries

2. Watermelon cubes

3. White cheddar popcorn

4. Wheat thins

5. Walnut brownies


1. Xigua (Chinese watermelon)

2. X-treme sour candy

3. Xylophone lollipops


1. Yogurt covered raisins

2. Yellow corn tortilla chips

3. Yakitori chicken skewers

4. Yams fries

5. Yorkshire pudding bites


1. Zucchini chips

2. Zebra cakes

3. Zesty cheese popcorn

4. Zucchini bread

5. Zabaglione (Italian dessert)


Q. What are some healthy snacks from A to Z?

A. Some healthy snacks from A to Z include almonds, blueberries, carrot sticks with ranch, edamame, Greek yogurt with honey and berries, kale chips, mixed nuts, oatmeal cookies, quinoa crisps, and watermelon cubes.

Q. Can I have snacks while on a diet?

A. Yes, you can have snacks while on a diet. Just make sure to choose healthy snacks that are low in calories and high in nutrients. You can also control your portion sizes and avoid snacking late at night.

Q. What are some easy snacks to make at home?

A. Some easy snacks to make at home include apple slices with peanut butter, avocado toast, breadsticks with hummus, English muffin pizzas, fruit leather, granola bars, mini pizzas, popcorn chicken, and tortilla chips with guacamole.

Wrapping Up

Snacking doesn’t have to be boring. With this A to Z snacks list, you can explore a variety of snacks and never run out of ideas. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet, salty, or savory, there is a snack on this list for everyone. Just remember to choose healthy snacks and control your portion sizes to maintain a balanced diet.