Perfect List of French Words That Start with G

Embark on a captivating journey through the exquisite realm of the French language as we explore a curated collection of French words that start with G. The intention behind this exploration is to unveil the richness and diversity of French vocabulary, each word serving as a unique brushstroke on the canvas of this linguistic masterpiece.

From the poetic elegance of “Génial” (awesome) to the culinary delights of “Gâteau” (cake), French words that commence with G offer a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of this language. As we traverse this lexical landscape, you’ll encounter words that span from art to everyday life, illustrating their significance in French culture and communication.

Whether you’re a language connoisseur seeking to expand your lexicon or simply intrigued by the linguistic gems concealed within French, this compilation of French words that start with G promises an enlightening and enjoyable journey. Join us as we navigate the intricacies and nuances of French vocabulary, one letter at a time.


  • gabarit – template
  • gâchette – trigger
  • gadget – gadget
  • gain – profit
  • galaxie – galaxy
  • galerie – gallery
  • galop – gallop
  • gambader – to frolic
  • gamin – urchin
  • gang – gang


  • géant – giant
  • gélatine – gelatin
  • gémir – to moan
  • génial – brilliant
  • génie – genius
  • génisse – heifer
  • genre – genre
  • gentil – kind
  • géologie – geology
  • gerbe – sheaf


  • ghetto – ghetto
  • ghibli – sirocco
  • ghettoïser – to ghettoize
  • ghostwriter – ghostwriter
  • ghazi – ghazi
  • gharial – gharial
  • ghettoïsation – ghettoization
  • ghetto-blaster – boombox
  • ghettoïse – ghettoizes
  • ghettoïsé – ghettoized


  • gnangnan – sappy
  • gnôme – gnome
  • gnou – gnu
  • gnose – gnosis
  • gnouf – bust
  • gnangnante – sappy
  • gnoulesque – gnu-like
  • gnathonique – gnatonic
  • gnognotte – pittance
  • gnoseologie – gnoseology

What is the origin of the French word “gadget”?

The word “gadget” comes from the French word “gâchette,” which means “trigger.” It originally referred to a small tool or device used to make a gun fire, but it came to be used more broadly to refer to any small, useful object.

What does the French word “génie” mean?

The French word “génie” means “genius.” It can refer to a person who is exceptionally intelligent and creative, or it can refer to a particular talent or ability.

What is the significance of the “gn” combination in French words?

The “gn” combination in French words is pronounced as a nasalized “ny” sound, similar to the “ñ” in Spanish. This combination only occurs in words of Latin or Greek origin, and it is not found in native French words.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, learning French vocabulary can be a fun and rewarding experience. Hopefully, this list of French words that start with G has given you some new words to add to your vocabulary. Remember to practice using them in conversation and writing to help you remember them better.