French Words That Start with E – French Vocabulary

Dive into the richness of the French language with a selection of French words that start with E. From the romantic allure of “étoile” (star) ⭐ to the culinary pleasure of “escargot” (snail) 🐌, French words that commence with E offer a delightful glimpse into the language and culture of France.

Whether you’re a language enthusiast seeking to expand your vocabulary or simply enchanted by the charm of French words, this compilation of French words that start with E promises to be an engaging journey.

Join us as we explore the world of the French language, each word carrying its own unique allure and significance. Explore words like “élégant” (elegant) 🌟, “évasion” (escape) 🌴, “enchantement” (enchantment) ✨, “effervescence” (effervescence) 🥂, and “espoir” (hope) 🌼 that capture the essence of French culture and expression.


  • école – school
  • enfant – child
  • espoir – hope
  • étoile – star
  • envoyer – to send
  • évident – obvious
  • excellent – excellent
  • effet – effect
  • étranger – foreigner
  • essentiel – essential


  • écrire – to write
  • élève – student
  • élu – elected
  • émeraude – emerald
  • épais – thick
  • épice – spice
  • équilibre – balance
  • énergie – energy
  • événement – event
  • éviter – to avoid


What’s the best way to learn French vocabulary?

The best way to learn French vocabulary is to practice consistently. Try to use the words you learn in conversation or writing. You can also use flashcards, apps, or textbooks to reinforce your knowledge.

What are some common mistakes when learning French vocabulary?

Common mistakes when learning French vocabulary include not practicing enough, not learning the correct pronunciation, and not understanding the context in which the word is used. It’s important to practice consistently and to understand the nuances of the language.

Are there any tips for memorizing French vocabulary?

Yes, there are several tips for memorizing French vocabulary. One is to create associations between the word and something else that you’re familiar with. You can also try to use the word in context, and create flashcards with images to help you remember the vocabulary.

Wrapping Up

Learning French vocabulary can be challenging, but with practice and dedication, you can expand your knowledge and communicate more effectively in the language. Use this list of French words that start with E as a starting point, and continue to build your vocabulary over time.