Football Words Start with A-Z ⚽ Football Vocabulary

Dive into the thrilling world of football with our comprehensive Football Words Start with A-Z. ⚽ Football, known as soccer in some parts of the world, is a sport that unites nations and fans with its excitement and passion. This list encompasses a wide range of terms and concepts related to the beautiful game.

From the electrifying “attack” that strives to score goals to the solid “defense” that protects the net, football is a game of strategy and skill. Whether you’re captivated by the prowess of “goalkeepers” making incredible saves or the agility of “wingers” weaving through defenses, these words capture the essence of the sport.

Explore the drama of “penalty kicks” and the jubilation of “victories,” appreciate the precision of “free kicks” and the camaraderie of “teams.” Each word in this list represents a facet of football that resonates with players and fans alike.

So, whether you’re a passionate supporter, a devoted player, or simply seeking to expand your football vocabulary, this A-Z list of football words will immerse you in the excitement and culture of the sport. ⚽🥅🏆

Football Words that Start with A

  • Advantage
  • Aerial ball
  • Assistant referee
  • Attacker
  • Away goals
  • Axle

Football Words that Start with B

  • Back pass
  • Ball boy/girl
  • Booking
  • Box-to-box
  • Bundesliga
Football Words Start with A-Z | Football Vocabulary 🏈


  • Centre circle
  • Chip
  • Corner flag
  • Counter-attack
  • Cruyff turn


  • Defender
  • Diving
  • Draw
  • Drop ball


  • EFL
  • Elastico
  • Extra time


  • FIFA
  • False nine
  • Finish
  • Flank
  • Free kick


  • Goalkeeper
  • Goal line
  • Golden goal
  • Group stage
  • Goal


  • Half time
  • Handball
  • Header
  • Home advantage


  • Injury time
  • Interception
  • International break


  • Juventus
  • Jumpers for goalposts


  • Keeper
  • Knockout


  • La Liga
  • Left back
  • Linesman
  • Long ball

Football Words that Start with M

  • Manager
  • Marking
  • MLS
  • Midfielder
  • MLS


  • National team
  • Net
  • Nutmeg


  • Offside
  • One-two
  • Own goal


  • Panenka
  • Parking the bus
  • Penalty
  • Pitch


  • Qualifiers


  • Red card
  • Referee
  • Relegation
  • Ronaldo chop


  • Scissors kick
  • Set piece
  • Shin pads
  • Shootout
  • Striker


  • Tactical foul
  • Target man
  • Through ball
  • Tiki-taka
  • Top corner


  • UEFA
  • Underdog


  • VAR
  • Volleys


  • Wing back
  • World Cup
  • Wembley


  • Xavi


  • Yellow card


  • Zidane spin


What is a Panenka penalty?

A Panenka penalty is a style of penalty kick in football that was made famous by Czech player Antonin Panenka in the 1976 European Championship final. Instead of blasting the ball into the net, the player delicately chips the ball over the goalkeeper and into the center of the goal.

What is a counter-attack in football?

A counter-attack is a style of play in football where a team quickly transitions from defense to attack in order to catch the opposition off-guard. Typically, this involves moving the ball quickly up the field through a series of passes or dribbles.

What is a false nine in football?

A false nine is a player who plays as a center forward but drops deep into midfield or out wide in order to create space and opportunities for other players to score. This style of play can be particularly effective against teams that play with a high defensive line.

Wrapping Up

Football is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Whether you are a seasoned fan or a new player, having a strong understanding of football vocabulary is key to fully appreciating the game.

We hope that this list of football words that start with A to Z has provided you with a comprehensive guide to the terminology used in the sport.