Complete List of French Words That Start with H

Explore the charm of the French language with a selection of French words that start with H. From the culinary delights of “haricots verts” (green beans) to the artistic expression of “haute couture” (high fashion) 👗, French words that commence with H offer a glimpse into the rich culture and language of France 🇫🇷.

Whether you’re a language enthusiast seeking to expand your vocabulary or simply intrigued by the beauty of French words, this compilation of French words that start with H promises to be an enlightening journey. Join us as we delve into the world of the French language, each word carrying its own unique charm and meaning. Explore words like “hôtel” 🏨 (hotel), “hélicoptère” 🚁 (helicopter), “horloge” 🕰️ (clock), “humanité” 🌍 (humanity), and “hiver” ❄️ (winter) that capture the essence of French culture and expression.

List of French Words Starting with H:

  • habilement
  • habitacle
  • habitant
  • habitat
  • habituation
  • haché(e)
  • hachette
  • hagiographie
  • haie
  • haine
  • haler
  • hallucination
  • halte
  • hameau
  • hanche
  • hangar
  • harcelement
  • hardiesse
  • harmonieusement
  • harpe
  • hasard
  • hausser
  • hautaine
  • hauteur
  • havre
  • hebdomadaire
  • héberger
  • hébété(e)
  • hébreu
  • hédonisme
  • hégémonie
  • hélas
  • hélice
  • héliport
  • hématome
  • hémicycle
  • hémisphère
  • hémoglobine
  • hémorragie
  • hennir
  • héraldique
  • herbage
  • herbe
  • hérisser
  • héritage
  • héroïne
  • hertzien
  • hésitant(e)
  • hésitation
  • heureusement
  • hiberner
  • hibou
  • hideux
  • hiérarchie
  • hilarant(e)
  • histrion
  • historien(ne)
  • historique
  • hiver
  • hochet
  • hoirie
  • hôpital
  • horde
  • horizon
  • horloge
  • hormone
  • horrible
  • hors
  • hospitalité
  • hostile
  • hôte
  • hôtellerie
  • houle
  • hourra
  • huile
  • humanisme
  • humanitaire
  • humidité
  • humiliation
  • humoristique
  • hurler
  • hybride
  • hydrater
  • hydrocarbure
  • hydrogène
  • hygiène
  • hyperactivité
  • hypnotique
  • hypothèse

What is the origin of the French language?

The French language originated from the Latin language, which was the language of the Roman Empire. It evolved over time and was heavily influenced by Germanic languages and the Celtic language.

What is the importance of learning French words starting with H?

Learning French words starting with H will help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of the French language. It will also help you to communicate effectively with French speakers.

How can I learn French words starting with H?

You can learn French words starting with H by using French dictionaries, flashcards, and language learning apps. You can also practice speaking French with native speakers or take French language classes.

Wrapping Up:

Learning French words starting with H is an important step in mastering the French language. By expanding your vocabulary, you will improve your communication skills and gain a deeper understanding of the French culture.